2018: A YEAR IN REVIEW …and what lies ahead in 2019

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SIEM: Complete your security defenses with visibility and control

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Cloud Access Security Brokers: Protection beyond firewall

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Keeping your Sensitive Data Safe from Leaks

Employees are the pillar of your organization, but they’re also the biggest risk to the very data that makes your business thrive… Whether in the form of a malicious insider that attempts to take your confidential data for personal gain, … Continue Reading

Privileged Accounts: Pathway to cyber-attacks?

Seeing cyber-attack incidents in the daily news is no longer new to us now. From ransomware, to data breaches down to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, and other types of attacks hitting small and big enterprises alike– we’ve heard … Continue Reading

With today’s cyber-attacks getting rampant, is Preventive Protection enough?

It seems like every month there’s a report of another high-profile cyber-attack or security breach. And the most recent data breach which is being described as Singapore’s “worst” cyber-attack on record happened just this month! SingHealth—the largest public healthcare cluster … Continue Reading

Should you outsource your IT Security?

In the previous blogs, we have talked about how a successful deployment of security operations center in place can help you combat cyber-attacks effectively. Seems promising, isn’t it? But, are we implementing it? … Continue Reading

Are your employees ready for cyber-attack?

Cyberattacks are undeniably rampant nowadays. From phishing to malware, and a lot more ways, cyber criminals seem to be effortlessly breaking into our data. For any companies regardless of its size, cyber-attacks continuously impose a great threat to businesses all over the … Continue Reading

Combat cyber attacks with an effective SOC

Nowadays, cyber-attacks and cyber-crime in different variations are just daily events that need to be defended against. In today’s age of sophisticated digital hackers and cyber criminals, your concern shouldn’t be about if you’re going to get hacked, but what you’re going to do when … Continue Reading

Cyber Security alone might not be enough…

Cyber Security alone might not be enough… You need to be Cyber Resilient! We studied about the primary benefits companies get when they engage into digital transformation which truly is advantageous for companies’ growth and productivity. However, as digital transformation … Continue Reading