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Is it possible to be truly secure from cyber-attacks? It is frightening to imagine that unauthorized people can see or have access to a database containing personal information.

Published on TODAY, the first major Singapore Newspaper stated that as many as 96 percent of organizations in Singapore had at least one breach in the past 12 months due to external cyber-attacks. This shows how common and dangerous cyber-attacks are. With the rapid shift of work to remote and hybrid working set-ups hackers will take advantage of the vulnerabilities and gaps of these sudden changes by businesses. Knowing the most recent cyber-attack statistics is important for comprehending the condition of cyber threats, frequently exploited vulnerabilities, the effects of successful cyberattacks, and efficient mitigation techniques for prevalent threats.

Cybercrime is prominent, and it can occur anytime, anywhere, and especially in business organizations. These attacks will affect the organization’s operations, functions, and image. Preventing and providing security to your organization’s data is crucial.

Here are some common cyber-attacks that you should be aware of:
  • Ransomware

    • is a very common kind of cyber-attack; it steals data and information from your organization’s database in exchange for something the attackers want.

  • Phishing

    • involves sending a fraudulent message or email to customers to manipulate them into giving out important data and information that the attackers can use. This attack is the same as being too good to be true with a sense of urgency or limited time offer scams.

  • Malware

    • a type of cyber-attack in which it infiltrates a network or device by utilizing security vulnerabilities, like clicking on a malicious link/e-mail or downloading files. Malware has various objectives like disrupting systems or data, preventing access to essential parts of the network, and secretly retrieving information.

The cyber-attacks listed above could bring disastrous effects on your company if not mitigated. For more information on how to spot phishing and prevent ransomware attacks that can be a serious threat in your business, check our previous blog RANSOMWARE: A Serious Threat To Your Business.

When an organization’s system has been attacked its operation will be affected. It can delay or freeze the essential operation and render the devices inoperable. A sudden cyber-attack can cause many problems in your business’s current and long-term security.

Here are some of the many things cyber-attack can do:
  • Steal Confidential Information

    • information theft is one of the most severe and costly results of cyber-attacks. One piece of malware that will be installed on your device can gather your confidential information through your browsing history, passwords, client information, and other sensitive data.

  • Slow Computer Performance

    • when malware enters the company devices it can replicate itself and fill your device storage which can lead to slow performance at the same time it will be difficult to carry on with the business’s daily operations.

  • Restrict Access to Your Files

    • ransomware can damage or delete the files on your computer and hackers usually uses this to threaten to delete all your company data.

  • Damage Reputation

    • malware is not only disruptive to company data it can also damage a company’s image or reputation when the cyber-criminals will spread the data they gathered and make it malicious to tarnish your company.

  • Disrupt Daily Operations

    • nothing is even more frustrating than when you try to access your company data, or any sites and a type of malware constantly pops up and even redirects you to unwanted sites making it hard to enjoy a seamless workflow.

The Cyber Safe programme

Early this year, The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) launches a new cybersecurity certification programme to recognize enterprises with good cybersecurity practices.  The Cyber Trust Mark, which is meant to serve as a mark of excellence for businesses with leading cybersecurity practices, and The Cyber Essentials Mark, which is a mark of cyber hygiene for businesses that have put in place fundamental cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity is a collective responsibility; these things should work together to be secured. With this intent, Data Connect Technologies together with CSA’s SG Cyber Safe programme, with the excellent services and full-fledge ICT solutions that will help enterprises to give variety of ways that can improve and prevent cyber-attacks in raising awareness about cyber-attacks and how to identify them, promoting the practice of good cyber hygiene, and giving out advisories to valuable clients.

Basic cyber hygiene that your company should practice

You can take several steps toward minimizing your cyber risks to keep your company secure:

  • Install Anti-malware Software

    • Many different types of malwares can be easily detected and eliminated by antivirus software and other anti-malware applications. Although these apps won’t always uncover everything that could be lurking on your computer, using them routinely is a great way to start enhancing your cyber security.

  • Perform Employee Security Training

    • Not all employees are aware of the severity of data breaches and such. Introducing regular network security training and seminars to your employees can prevent cyber hackers from infiltrating your company’s details.

  • Keep Your System up to Date

    • Cyber threats, malware, etc., are becoming even more sophisticated, especially with the new work set-up, so it’s essential to keep your devices or system updated regularly. Inform your employees to check their systems if everything is up to date and install anti-virus software if not yet installed.

The three examples above are basic common approaches to preventing malware attacks. However, today’s cyber landscape is not the same as it was before, so it is important to know more about Network Security to minimize your potential of becoming the next target of cyber-criminals. For further details about Network Security and how it helps your business, click here.

Final Thoughts

Cybersecurity threats are prominent and always changing. While businesses are allocating resources to cybersecurity, cyber vulnerabilities are still exploited regularly. With the sudden change to hybrid working, it is even more necessary to significantly increase your cyber security resilience. The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) delivers a tangible impact on protecting SG’s cyberspace, it’s vital to stay ahead of them and getting rid of them is a top priority.

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