Embracing Hybrid Network

As hybrid working is currently trending, organizations are being encouraged to use cloud-based technologies to work from anywhere. Because of a constantly changing threat surface, no matter how big or small your company is, cybersecurity remains a challenge.

Last Thursday morning (Oct. 28, 2021), business executives from all over Singapore gathered for a virtual webinar event hosted by FORTINET in collaboration with Data Connect Technologies and Pacific Tech, which focused on how to secure office networks and remote workers from cyber threats.

Organizations are still attempting to leverage a solution for adopting a hybrid working model that can optimize their employees on the new imperative of the hybrid workplace as well as the security challenges that come with it. 

Data Connect Technologies also shared their security solution, which is the Unified Threat Protection (UTP), which combines multiple security functions into a single security umbrella. Assisting in the reduction of cyber-threat risk and allowing businesses to focus on their expertise without worry.

The event raised awareness of securing office networks and remote access, as well as providing insights and suggestions on how to manage cybersecurity in their organizations.

Finally, the event aims to help both organizations and employees reinforce the importance of cybersecurity measures, as well as investing and benefiting in cybersecurity and safeguarding their organizations to ensure business growth.

Data Connect Technologies Pte Ltd is a dynamic ICT and Services Provider with over 18 years of experience in providing excellent IT support to companies all over Singapore.

Data Connect Technologies Pte Ltd is a Gold Partner of Microsoft and has recently been recognized as one of Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021.

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