New Security Operations Center to help you get protected against costly security attacks


With digital transformation and advancement, comes malwares and any other forms of threats that continuously pose a great risk to any types of companies regardless of its size.

With the increasingly dangerous threat landscape, more powerful hackers, more sophisticated attacks, the growing complexity of IT—from cloud computing to infrastructure virtualization—we come up with one universally undeniable conclusion – Information Security is of great concern for every organization.

As these threats are just lurking around waiting for victims to be vulnerable, what we need aside protection, is proactive monitoring.

With these challenging needs, Data Connect Technologies worked hard to build and expand our capabilities to announce to you today that we are now incorporating a 24 x 7 Security/Network Operation Center to our services!

Yes! You’ve read that right! We can now help you in your security requirements as our specialized SOC/NOC includes:

  • Prompt service thru the deployment of dedicated Technical Account Engineers.
  • 24×7×365 monitoring, security event detection, and security incident response (detect, protect, respond).
  • Threat intelligence with the ability to correlate and respond to important systems including intrusion detection systems, end point protection solutions, firewalls, servers, and other key systems.
  • The ability to supplement a company’s internal security team by offering around-the-clock network security monitoring.

Let’s embark on the journey together as we become your trusted cyber security partner!

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