Cyber Protection for SMEs: Avoiding to be an ideal target to hackers

In today’s cyber threat landscape, no business, regardless of its size, is immune from the growing threat of cyber-crime, or any criminal activity carried out by means of computers or through the internet. That is why a lot of companies … Continue Reading

Go Digital

Go Digital: Total Cyber Protection Solution for SMEs

SME Business owners, decision makers, and executives from Singapore Business Federation gathered up last Thursday morning (May 16, 2019) for an event organized by Acronis Asia Pte Ltd in partnership with Data Connect Technologies Pte Ltd and Adura Cyber Security … Continue Reading

Knowing how your attackers operate: and how to combat it

In the previous newsletter issues, we have talked about how to survive the cyber world by starting in keeping a good cyber hygiene across your organization. But we still should not be complacent, as the growing sophistication of cyber criminals and … Continue Reading

CYBER HYGIENE: Start securing your enterprise with the basics

The fact that our world is increasingly digitized and cybercriminals are becoming more agile and intelligent with time, deploying security software is a great strategy to do; however, cybersecurity does not just stop there… In our previous newsletter issue, we … Continue Reading

Complete Protection For Your Organization

In the past decades, the continuous progress of Information and communication technology brought us a revolution that changed not only our lives but also the way how people do business. … Continue Reading

Essential Cybersecurity Practices to secure your organization this 2019

It’s 2019!  After all the celebrations for the holiday season last year, we still need to get back to face the same reality that cyber attackers are just lurking around and does not waste any single time to break through … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

2018: A YEAR IN REVIEW …and what lies ahead in 2019

In 2018, we have witnessed the increasing amount of threats in the global industries. Unexpectedly, we still get surprised and blown up with the massive impact of cyberattacks.  … Continue Reading

SIEM: Complete your security defenses with visibility and control

Companies employ various security technologies and techniques to guard their networks but why do cyber-attackers seems to always wade its way off and still execute cyber-attacks? … Continue Reading

Cloud Access Security Brokers: Protection beyond firewall

Technology advancement brought by today’s era has revolutionized business operations across industries. But with rapid transformation in technology, comes greater risks on the enterprise security… Traditionally, firewalls placed to protect enterprise networks seem to effectively do its job in securing and … Continue Reading

Keeping your Sensitive Data Safe from Leaks

Employees are the pillar of your organization, but they’re also the biggest risk to the very data that makes your business thrive… Whether in the form of a malicious insider that attempts to take your confidential data for personal gain, … Continue Reading