Go Digital

SME Business owners, decision makers, and executives from Singapore Business Federation gathered up last Thursday morning (May 16, 2019) for an event organized by Acronis Asia Pte Ltd in partnership with Data Connect Technologies Pte Ltd and Adura Cyber Security Services Pte Ltd.

Realizing the advancement of today’s era where data is considered the new form of digital currency which is crucial to every business, this session endeavors to accentuate the importance of cyber protection and how business operations can be adversely impacted by cyber threats or malware.

Also, aside from implementing cyber protection, Data Connect Technologies have also shed light to common misperceptions on cyber protection that can result in huge and devastating data losses. And one of them are the mindset that cybercriminals will spare SMEs.

Data Connect has also shared the importance of conducting regular IT Health Check or Penetration Tests in their environment to assess their vulnerabilities, avoid the cost of network downtimes, and to preserve corporate image.

The event has made the participants aware that cyberattacks can happen to businesses of any size. And with an increasing importance of data to businesses, cyber protection against cyber-attacks should be a necessity for all SMEs.

Case studies were also presented to let participants learn from the experiences from other SMEs and gained practical insights and tips on how to adopt cyber protection solutions to quickly recover data and resume operations.

In general, the event aims to help SME business owners trying to grow business and reach customers, to take the precise first step towards cyber protection to ensure future business growth.

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