From our previous blog, a modern workplace is a balance of effective collaboration, productivity, mobility, and security. All these help our employees perform better and be productive for the company to progress. But the question is, how do we even get there?

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Unlike before, work can now happen anywhere – at the office, at home, at the coffee shops or even on mobile phones. Technology today has allowed us to work in the cloud on multiple devices, which also means your company’s data and systems are accessible from anywhere.

With this trend, companies like yours have to keep up. You have to find new ways to manage your employees’ identities and permissions, that only the right people have access to the right systems and data.

However, while security is critical, adding too many security measures might also hamper productivity.

So how do you balance security and productivity within the modern digital workplace where employees are using unsanctioned devices, running hundreds of applications and sharing company resources with outside partners? Start with a tool that is designed to keep up with the pace of digital transformation – Identity and Access Management IAM.

What is an Identity and Access Management?

Many apps and software have been on the market nowadays to help provide ease on employees’ various jobs. But this also means too many apps running on unsanctioned devices including employees’ accesses and identities to be managed by your IT.

Identity and Access Management tool helps your company simplify the complexity of the digital workplace by managing all your users’ identities and access permissions across your internal systems, employee devices, and cloud-based technologies. All of your users, both internal and external, are authenticated and authorized based on the roles that you set within the system.

Enhancing productivity with IAM

An IAM solution is a system for securely initiating, storing and managing user identities and access permissions which includes several solutions that help employees stay productive while keeping security permissions in place.

  • Single Sign-on is a subset of a large IAM system that allows users to create their credentials where they’ll only have to sign in once – as the name implies – to various apps, giving them a seamless work experience regardless of the application, device or domain.

    With SSO you’d be able to save your employee’s valuable time by minimizing tedious & repetitive tasks like signing in to multiple applications every single day, keeping security and permissions in place while enhancing employee productivity.

    Single sign-on has drastically reduced IT help desk tickets and centralizes admin tasks like password resets. When a password is revised, the change automatically updates every app and system connected to the SSO. IT no longer spends all day helping users with access issues, while your employees enjoy a seamless, more productive work experience.
  • Multi-factor Authentication is another subset under the IAM system that makes sure that digital users are who they say they are.

    Cyber threats have become an everyday reality for both large and small businesses. Studies show that 60% of data hacks involved an employee’s access data. Either a hacker used an employee’s credentials, or the employee abused their access privileges.

    With MFA in place, the user needs to provide at least two pieces of evidence to prove their identity before letting them in. This way, companies like yours can have an extra layer of security that allows your team to access apps through any devices without the worry of compromising credentials.

    Multifactor authentication offers the flexibility for employees to securely access their resources wherever and whenever they are, enhancing their productivity.

IAM allows you to keep up with the pace of technology, but more importantly, the security features are designed to enhance productivity. Your organization can maintain high-level security measures, while removing the barriers that interrupt a productive workflow.

As technology continues to evolve every single day and your company must keep up with it, too. Resources and tools are easily accessible, but the challenge is to keep your company’s resources secure without hampering this new level of productivity.

The right IAM tools could help leverage your business in becoming a modern workplace, which provides a flexible and efficient workflow for employees to be more effective and productive across all of their tools while keeping your company secure.

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