Running a company mostly just requires you to always ensure that your products or services are of the best qualities while ensuring your customers are happy and satisfied with your services at the same time.

However, to be able to achieve this, means you need to also be able to keep up with latest technologies to run your business while ensuring all your business data are kept safe. You need to also be able to freely collaborate with partners and clients all while making sure every single device connected to your network are protected.

Not that easy, right? Plus, these malwares and cyber threats lurking around adds up to the work!

With all these, you need someone who can handle all your IT & Security concerns while you focus on what you do best – your core business!

Data Connect Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore’s leading information and communication technology (ICT) provider, has helped companies of all sizes through providing excellent services and full-fledged ICT solutions for over 16 years.

Here are just some of the reasons why Data Connect Technologies is the best ICT solutions partner so you could get your business up and running

  • Access to IT experts

Lead by 2 senior IT Architects, our team comprises of highly trained and certified IT Engineers with extensive experience to deliver satisfying results for your company.

  • 24x7x365 Security Operations Center Team that supports clients globally.

With advanced cyberthreats nowadays, your protection doesn’t have to work only during office hours, you need proactive protection anytime of the day, all year round.

  • Vast network of IT Partnerships

As we have always believed that joint assessments help derive a better solution in achieving best results, we tap onto our comprehensive network of major IT Partners to deliver you diverse range of excellent customized solutions: Acronis, Carbon Black, Cisco, DellEMC, Final Code, Menlo Security, Microsoft, Singtel, Sonicwall, Vertiv, VMware and a lot more. The trusted relationship built together with these strategic partners also attests as a testimonial of our service integrity, reliability and capabilities.

  • Follow up & training

We don’t leave you behind. We make sure to reach out to you and make sure you utilize your systems in the most efficient and knowledgeable way as we give you detailed and effective training while we provide necessary support in case of any problems.

Take off the burden of ICT & cybersecurity and shift your focus back to your business needs. Contact us now!

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