It’s quite alarming how cyber threats from around the world seem to replicate countless of times with just a simple click, rapidly increasing the list of affected victims that were rendered powerless against these attacks.

One famous example of these threats is ransomware, which has emerged in the cyber world in different variants all the while affecting businesses and organizations from small to large enterprises alike. The recent ransomware variant WannaCry, for example, has left the world in daze upon its initial outbreak last May 15, 2017 affecting roughly 230,000 computers from 150 countries, in just one day.





With that, Data Connect Technologies in partnership with VEEAM, organized an event last June 16, 2017 which discussed about the Cyber Threat Landscape & Preventive Solutions for businesses to be aware how to minimize their vulnerability to the said cyberattacks in the future and how the right backup solution can help save organizations from their downfall. The said event happened at the Suntec Tower One Singapore and were attended by people from different fields of businesses around Singapore.




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