Denial of Service? Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)? SQL Injection Attack? Phishing? Ransomware? 

These are just some of the common threats in cyber security most of us could be vulnerable to. In which, a single attack might bring companies, big or small, to their downfall. That’s why it seems common nowadays for companies to procure and embed the best security features they could to their systems to protect their most valuable assets-their data. But are they really protected by just placing security appliance in house? or do they really know what are they trying to protect their data from, aside from the word ‘threat’?

In order to effectively protect assets, one must know how, what and where to block certain threats-its process, its cycle, its flow and such. In short, one must be educated about it.

That’s the reason why Data Connect Technologies, one of the leading System Integrators here in Singapore, partnered with Dell EMC and AVNET for an event called “Threat is Just a Click Away”, letting us know how to effectively block threats by knowing them. The event happened successfully last October 14, 2016 at the Changi Business Park Central 1.

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